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ESP is the first company in the moisture inspection/indoor air quality industry to become a publicly-traded company.  It is traded as NASD OTC Symbol: EVSP.PK.

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc.(ESP). ESP owns and operates a comprehensive suite of businesses dealing with energy efficiency, environmental issues and resolving environmentally sensitive problems in both residential and commercial markets. ESP offers various inspection services that include energy/efficiency audits for home and commercial property, focused on indoor air quality inspections for toxins including mold, moisture intrusion, radon, lead, VOC�s and other pollutants that have an acute and chronic negative impact on the indoor environment and occupant health.

Environmental Safeguard Professionals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary (‘Safeguard’), has developed a standardized training, certification, inspection, and results reporting analysis program which forms the foundation of a suite of services that together comprise the Certified Environmental Home Inspector (‘CEHI’) program. Safeguard is the business unit that will provide the annual subscription-based moisture and toxin inspection and energy use awareness programs to both residential and commercial clients.

Porter Valley Software, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary (‘PVS’), is an inspection software company which was acquired in June 2008. We plan to absorb PVS into our corporate structure in order to provide software support across our various business units.

National Professional Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary (‘NPS’), is currently a conglomerate of seven individual associations and maintains annual paying members. The focus of this business unit is to establish cross-training on CEHI Programs and to provide information concerning residential environmental issues, establish training for underwriters, loan officers and appraisers to educate these groups about CEHI inspection protocols. These training programs for insurance companies, underwriters, loss control and risk management personnel educate and emphasize the benefits of using a CEHI on the initial inspection and then establishing annual inspections.

Corporate Executives

Edward Torres, Chairperson and CEO, - Environmental Service Professionals, Inc.

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Peng Lee - Chief Science Officer
Chief Information Officer

Subsidiary Leaders

Kevin J. Seddon HomeSafe
Environmental Safeguard Professionals.
Sigma Engineering.

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