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Equity Statistics (as of 3/31/2008)


100,000,000 authorized shares


1,000,000 preferred shares


18,655,697 outstanding shares


3,190,182 current shares in float


 Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. Company Bio - (NASD OTC Symbol: EVSP)

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (ESP) is the first company in this industry to become a publicly-traded company.  

ESP is a company of vision, purpose and creditability and has taken the helm, along with other industry leaders, to create the standards for a healthier environment. ESP has developed one of the most extensive Environmental Inspection Programs in the nation and has packaged it to offer a successful opportunity through the CEHI programs.  

These programs will consolidate the existing $3B/year home and environmental inspection industry along with the existing 40,000 inspectors.

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (ESP) through its subsidiaries has offered environmental inspection services that include mold and moisture intrusion since 1994. These services identify issues that can have an acute or chronic negative impact on the indoor air quality of commercial and residential buildings. The Company has established national protocol standards developed in consensus with industry leaders to certify current home and environmental inspectors. The branding of this Program is ESP’s Certified Environmental Home Inspector (“CEHI”) and will be operated under the Environmental Safeguard Professionals Business Unit, to meet the emerging demands required throughout North America.

ESP is the first Company of its kind to be able to support a pro-active comprehensive annual inspection called the Mold and Moisture Management Program (MMM). This Program is available for all residential properties that have passed ESP's Certified Mold and Moisture Inspection Process (CMI). The CEHI is also certified to perform energy audits and abridged Phase 1 Environmental Reports (e.g.: California AB 32). 

The CEHI Program represents the keystone for environmental services supporting the residential real-estate mortgage, banking and insurance industries in their ability to manage losses through moisture related claims. 

The CEHI Program is all about risk management for both the individual and the industry stakeholders. It is a significant tool to assess the health the individual’s environment; For the Industry, it provides an easily understood, standardized way of assessing the risks of their policies, regardless of location. 

ESP’s acquisition of 7 of the real estate industry’s most recognized associations has provided the access to train and provide its members who are at the core of the industry with information that is consistent with our approach. Currently there are over 10,000 annual members of these associations. 

ESP has identified complimentary revenue streams that would further support the success of our business model. Given the Company’s extensive client database, its long-term client relationships and its business relationship with a client’s most valued asset their home, ESP Management believes in building a powerful asset through our inspection reporting database: 

                   For each house or building on an Annual Mold and Moisture Management (MMM) Program, there will be a history of inspections, remediation, repairs and maintenance.

                   This information could be highly valuable to Mortgage and Insurance Underwriters as well as other asset managers, since it could mitigate their risk.


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Environmental Service Professionals, Inc.
810 N. Farrel Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Phone: 760.327.5284
Fax: 760.327.5630

Symbol: EVSP.OB

Web Site: EVSP.COM